What does an Ambassador do?

Our Ambassadors promote our work as widely as possible and encourage more people to support the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East. They are committed to supporting the charity in helping Iraq’s persecuted Christian communities and other disadvantaged groups who have suffered at the hands of sectarian violence.

Who can be an Ambassador?

Ambassadors must be passionate about our work. You will feel comfortable talking to large groups of people, e.g. church congregations or schools. Ideally, you will have some interest in the Middle East. Please note, although we are a registered Christian charity, we do not seek to Christianize the region in which we operate.

So what is our Mission?

FRRME is a Christian charity which aims to rebuild lives and restore hope in the Middle East

To achieve this mission FRRME will:

  • engage with minority communities and the disadvantaged;
  • confront injustice, mistrust, poverty and exclusion;
  • facilitate open communications through local grassroots partnerships;
  • and deliver practical projects in education, training and healthcare.

Ambassadors for our work

Ambassadors for our work include the Revd David Post. As well as raising over £20k for us, David has delivered a series of talks about St George’s Church in Baghdad, which remains close to his heart. Another one of our supporters, Joe Moore, ran in London from the Iraqi Embassy to the Imperial War Museum (via the Syrian Embassy) to raise awareness of our work and the plight of those we are helping.

Get in touch

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please email our Communications Officer, Alex Wentworth, at alex@frrme.org.